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Christopher Dorner, Ex-LAPD Cop Murder Suspect, Possibly Hides Near Big Bear Ski Area

They mess with the wrong one!
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Obama Marriage: Can It Change Low Rates Of Wedlock Among Blacks In The U.S.? (STUDY, POLL)

A very good article and yes the Obama’s can be a very good role model for traditional marriage to young black people, and I hope it will turn the tides against single parents households and dysfunctional families in the black community.
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Get Out of People’s Bedrooms, Please

Chirlane McCray brought people into her bedroom when she decided to write and post articles about what’s going on in her bedroom so she brought this on herself so any wise and smart person who do not want people in there bedroom please do not bring us in your bedroom by writing and posting article about what is going on in your bedroom! Not very smart to post article about what’s going on in your bedroom now that you are going political you want people to get out of your bedroom after you brought them in your bedroom.
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Mike Tyson & Brad Pitt’s Love Triangle: Boxer Talks Finding Actor In Bed With Ex-Wife Robin Givens

Think about it she knew Mike was subject to drop in anytime for a quickie, she is not dumb and remember she knew what type of young man Mike was at that time so why would she have another man in the house knowing full well Mike could drop by anytime, I will tell you why she was taught by her treacherous and wicket mother to use and manipulate men for sport and money this time she was using Brad to infuriate and provoke Mikes wrath hoping Mike would attack Brad and make the news headline to enhance her career and possible get more money from the devoice because at that time she was popular she was a black actress and she didn’t make much money! Again someone usually get hurt or kill in this situation.
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